A new business model

History of Eunoia Digital

A different company

Eunoia Digital is a consulting firm specialized in digital transformation and user experience founded in Barcelona.We believe that each project is unique and that the needs of each individual client are different. Only with this premise are we able to bring the maximum value to each of our partners.

Unique team

Two-way work

In Eunoia we organise into high-performance multifunctional teams capable of managing digital projects independently and collaboratively.

We know that great products are the result of collaborative work between people and this is why we believe in teams of great professionals. We have an extremely talented team that knows how to appreciate and understand the philosophy of our company.

We want to be your partner

We don't believe in the figure of the supplier. We only conceive the professional relationship with our clients from the perspective of "partner".

We know that only this way will we be able to understand the needs and objectives pursued by each of our clients. We want our projects to bring real value to companies and for this reason, we focus on the client and effective results.

Benefits of working in Eunoia

Trabaja en remoto en Eunoia
Work from home
Eunoia ofrece un horario flexibe
Flexible Hours
Jornada intensiva en verano
Intensive day
Diversidad cultural en Eunoia
Cultural diversity
Formación constante en Eunoia
En Eunoia somos amantes de los animales
Dog friendly


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