and prototyping

We create the best solutions within a specific timeframe

Eight weeks of innovation until obtaining a navigable prototype
tested with real users

At Eunoia, we work with the agile methodology, which allows us to create and validate a project quickly and gives us precious results. It is essential to align the client's needs and desires with the execution of the final product and discover what works best without investing too many resources. 

Eunoia offers an eight-week service to transform the way companies build, develop, and implement a digital project, teaching them how to optimize the execution time to get the most out of it.

This design and prototyping service consists of a collaborative process with the client. Eunoia will provide the company with a multidisciplinary team formed by UX/UI designers, digital consultants, and full-stack developers to create the best solutions within a specific timeframe.

Problem and strategy definition

Determination and alignment of success criteria, overall business objectives, user needs, and significant risks and challenges

An initial meeting will be held so that the Eunoia team members can get to know the client. This meeting will be used to determine who will be responsible for the project on behalf of the customer, who will have to provide agility in decision making thanks to their high availability and regular feedback to ensure proper project planning. 

This Kick-Off meeting will also identify the experts in the different areas involved.

Eunoia will provide the client with a detailed scheduled planning document where all the tasks to be worked on during the next weeks will be defined.



Documentation of the research carried out detailing the opportunities and limitations found

The research will be a phase of maximum knowledge absorption to become an expert in the subject matter to be addressed. To manage time well, it will be of vital importance to exchange relevant findings between both parties.

As a consequence of this collection of new information, some approaches and priorities will have to be adjusted. 

  • Benchmark
  • Focus Groups
  • Customer journeys

Design and prototyping

Complete execution of the product's design and prototyping, complying with all agreed restrictions and ensuring its viability

It will be the moment to face the construction of a tangible solution based on the objectives to be addressed and the questions to be answered. This creative process will lead us to design the entire digital solution until we obtain a navigable prototype.

During this process, continuous feedback from the client will be required.

  • Navigation flows and layout definition
  • Information architecture
  • Design concept - graphic line
  • Screen design
  • User tes

Documentation and validation
with the client

Completion of the product/service making the customer's vision a reality

In this phase, there will be a review of the entire process, a demonstration of the result obtained, and a recommendation to the client on how to continue developing the project independently.

At this point, the client is offered to continue working with us in a second phase through the service of Development and Product Launch.

  • Production of the technical report
  • Prioritization of developments according to impact 

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