Smart money:
Inversión inteligente

Smart Money de Caixabank es un asesor de inversiones virtual que pretende dar acceso al mundo de la inversión a un segmento juvenil de entre 18 y 35 años.

Smart Money: Smart investment

Boosting the investment of the young people


Millenials investors, the "early adopters" of financial apps

The 68% of the Spanish Millennials draw upon Internet to find information about their personal finances and investment products on the top of receive financial advice.
In addition, the 45% use financial apps.


Smart Money: A virtual investment advisor who gives access to the world of investment to a youth segment between 18 and 35 years old. 

The millennial profiles prefer use technologies to take care about their savings to a low cost and to allow them to track online.

However, this segment look for a digital and automatic investment process and they don’t give up to a specialized advice.

The world change and is exposed to algorithms and artificial intelligence that make decisions based on historical patterns and information. These systems set aside other important factors in the investment process such as the person’s goals, fears, etc.In this way an expert professional wealth management system is allow to make these adjustments in real time and build on their experience and knowledge.

Smart Money take in account all information to make the necessary daily follow up with the online bank and the CaixaBank App.As a result, it could be analyzed in a simple way:
- The valued balance and goodwill
- The evolution of profitability
- Asset distribution
- The composition of the portfolio

    Smart Money ofrece evolución de los fondos a tiempo real

    "Customer Centric" Vision experience

    Our contribution in this project started in the conceptualization idea. We have worked with the client to look into the national and international market. A deep analyse about what the experts were offering at that moment into the market.

    As the result, a roadmap was drawn with the user experience as the main point to start the service design.

    The ideation and execution of the different screens was the key to carry out a previous test with expert users.

    Caixabank Smart Money por Eunoia Digital

    The different behaviors helped to apply improvements in the chosen screens.Smart Money is presented into the digital Bank platform called “Now”. The tool arises a serie of questions, in other to define the client profile and the risk he wants to assume.

    Once defined, the system will offer a range of investment options witch could be hire in the same platform.The offer presents 10 investments funds designed to the clients could exchange without any additional cost.

    Eight of this funds are replicas of the markets in which are the financial instruments that require less commissions.

    From the vision of “Consumer Centric”, all the customer journeys has been identified to achieve the best user experience. Smart Money is presented in a clear and simple way.
    The most important information comes in the first view and its navigation is very easy.

    Caixabank Smart Money por Eunoia Digital
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