Smart money:
smart investment

Caixabank's Smart Money is a virtual investment advisor that is aimed to introduce young people aged between 18 and 35 to the investment world.

Investment, suitable for everyone

Together with Eunoia, Caixabank has launched a platform that makes the world of investment accessible and attractive to the young public.

We have created an innovative Robo Advisor in Spain, which offers automated, simple and direct advice aimed to the millennial segment.

Simple and reliable

Emotional and trust aspects are given in more traditional and not very digital profiles. In these cases, the figure of the personal manager is essential.

However, with millennial profiles the opposite thing happens; millennials prefer to use technological solutions that take care of their savings at low cost and allow a follow up online.

Eunoia diseñó el asesor virtual Smart Money de Caixabank
Smart Money ofrece evolución de los fondos a tiempo real

It's a pleasure to work with Eunoia. Since we started to work with them, the output of projects is very high and the dealings with them are excellent. A key partner for us.

Guillermo Casanovas
Caixabank Smart Money por Eunoia Digital
Identidad de Eunoia
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