Hospitality: mejorando la experiencia de la estancia

Es evidente que el momento de la reserva es el principal objetivo de conversión, pero sería un error olvidar que, a esas alturas, la experiencia con sus clientes apenas ha empezado.


Enhancing the stay experience


The user experience begins
before the reservation itself

  • There are only two fixed times in the hospitality industry's customer experience: check-in and check-out.
  • The possibility to create a unique experience that begins before the reservation and goes beyond the customer stay depends on the brands.
  • At Eunoia, we have designed an innovative and easy-to-navigate portal aimed at increasing the number of online reservations as well as enhancing existing customers' loyalty through a private Rewards section.
Eunoia llevó a cabo la conceptualización y el diseño de un proyecto digital para una cadena hotelera
Six Senses homepage creada por Eunoia

Total control over the stay

A native application has been developed to improve the guests' stay in the hotel.

With this app and the sensorization of different electronic devices connected to IoT, we can modify the room ambient temperature or choose the music we want to play in any and every room.

Besides, customers can use screen sharing technology between their devices and their room TV. They can also consult the restaurant's menu and place orders from their smartphone.  

This is all made possible by a clean and straightforward interface oriented to minimize the Room service calls as much as possible and still provide the guests everything they need.

Timeline format for the forthcoming reservations

The timeline design format has lately become a trend, and we have already seen it in leadership platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or even Home Banking. Then why not consider using it for hotel reservations management?

Reservations private sections are a fundamental tool for enhancing customer loyalty, and we should aim to ensure their correct operation.  

A such, we have come up with a powerful and breakthrough solution that allows the user to proceed with check-in and check-out. All this to avoid the user need to go to the hotel reception. 

Six Sense Mobile por Eunoia
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