Digital transformation
of agriculture

An intelligent platform that acts as a HUB for the development of precision agriculture connecting farmers, technicians and suppliers.

Digital transformation

Croptep is an agtech startup that acts as an intelligent Hub for the development of precision agriculture. It stores and interprets data from satellite images, sensors installed in the fields, machinery or data entered by the users themselves.

It connects farmers and agricultural technicians, offering crop management tools to optimize data-driven decision making with the aim of improving crop yields, achieving more environmentally sustainable crops and reducing costs.

IoT connected devices

We have also developed a hardware device that connects different sensors to the visualization platform. We used NB-IoT communication to send data, specifically the services of the Sigfox operator.

With this device, we are able to receive a large amount of data to analyze and transforminto value-added actions.

Precision farming diseñada por eunoia

Multidisciplinary teams

From the outset, the aim has been to respond to the challenges and needs of the agricultural sector. Croptep has been conceptualized, designed and developed by Eunoia together with different partners in the agricultural sector. To this end, high-performance teams made up of engineers, designers and agronomists have been created to provide useful value-added solutions.

Eunoia's talent in the digital environment has helped us make the leap from value to biovert as an organization. In a market where everything evolves very fast, it is essential to have partners like them.

Enric Bonet

The future of precision agriculture

It's only a matter of time before connectivity reaches the countryside at a massive scale. The future lies in making instant decisions based on data. Currently, we could say that the data capture phase is resolved, what we believe is going to undergo a breakthrough is the interpretation of these data and the subsequent recommendation.

All this will allow an increase of crop yields and will create an economic impact. Furthermore, the environmental impact will be reduced due to the reduction of inputs.

Eunoia planteó una plataforma de Smart Agriculture
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